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LC consulting – Bringing you the sustainable engineering solutions | Section J assessment (DTS or JV3) | Green Star assessment | Energy Efficiency Measurement & Verification | ESD Guidelines | BASIX

Low cost but high quality services

to help you reach compliance, save energy, and achieve sustainability goals with ease

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Compliance Assessment

including Building Code of Australia Section J Energy Efficiency Assessment - DTS (Deemed-to-Satisfy) & JV3, BASIX Assessment for residential buildings in NSW, and NatHERS Thermal Comfort Assessment

Voluntary Environmental Rating Schemes

including Green Star Rating Assessment, LEED Rating Assessment, and General ESD Guidelines & Strategies

Energy Efficiency Services

including Energy Audits based on AS3598, and Energy Savings Measurement & Verification based on IPMVP (International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol)

Miscellaneous ESD modelling and analysis services

including computational simulation & data analysis for Building Energy, Thermal Confort, Daylight, Solar Radiation and etc.


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